Dropperbot.com – Compensation Plan

Dropper Dry Blood Service is a dry blood analysis service in the Internet that provides customers and dry blood scanners health reports from dry blood samples. Dry blood service is a stand-alone website but it can also be used in health centers, hospitals, private clinics, research and rehabilitation centers, sports centers, gyms, health stores and companies providing personal trainer services. Using Dropper is also possible for home-users.

If you want to integrate Dropper Dry Blood Service to your organisation or company please take contact. The persons or organisations who distribute the service are compensated as shown in graph below so teaching how to become Dropperist may be your thing!

Best Regards,
Droppi Veripalvelu Oy

Marko Vapa
Chief Executive Officer


(Source: Seedi Oy 2013)

”I have been working in wellness business for 30 years and thus can say that Droppi Veripalvelu’s invention of dry blood analysis is Nobel-class. Dropper has remarkable value in the future for Finnish national economy and even international influence on people’s health.”

”Same kind of service are not available in Finland (and probably not even in the world). Service offers concrete health information in new and easy way.”

”When the customer gets his/her results and blood images as pictures it is more powerful than for example reference values. Customers are really interested about their blood images and thus for their health.”

”Dry blood analysis and measurement of blood purity are low-cost and fast ways of checking the health status and issues involved on it. Method doesn’t need any chemical substances or other expensive equipment.”

”Faster, cheaper and most accurate.”

”Finds about 15 different blood features that can’t be measured in normal blood laboratory tests.”

”Global service over internet makes the service available anywhere.”

”Droppi Veripalvelu has unique expertise on blood scanning and they also improve it.”

”Cheapest slide scanners are about 100 euros so you can start blood scanning business easily or integrate it on already running wellness business as additional service.”