Dry blood analysis reveals the health status of your body.

Take two dry blood samples from finger-tip easily with microscope slides and let them dry for 5-10 minutes to become solid.

Scan the samples via slide scanner to one jpg-file on your computer.

Send the scanned image file via email or web upload to Dropper.

You receive detailed health report with instructions how to improve your diet and exercise.

Dry Blood Analysis Measures Your Health Status

Dropper Dry Blood Service produces dry blood analyses automatically determining blood purity (0 – 100%) and the dry blood patterns visible in the blood. Dry blood analysis shows mineral deficiencies, organ stresses and other problems of the body. With dry blood analysis it is easy to monitor how your health status progresses. Dry blood analysis belongs to complementary and alternative medicine.

In dry blood analysis drops of fingertip blood is taken on a glass slide.

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The sample consists of eight blood drops and it is taken by pressing glass slide gently on a fingertip and pulling it up. The blood drops dry within couple of minutes and after drying they can be inspected with a scanning device. If the blood is in a healthy state then the body is in a good shape and the blood dries red.

If drying is unclear then the blood has excessive

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waste products which can be seen as white protein pools. The patterns shown in dry blood analysis can be seen at the bottom of this page.

How to get to

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Dropperists can take fingertip blood samples (A- and B-sample), scan them together on one jpg-file and send it to the Dropper Dry Blood Service for analysis. You can find your nearest dry blood dropperist from the Dropperist.com

Take the sample by yourself

Taking dry blood samples is easy! You can order sample kit, take samples and send them back for analysis. Order the package. The analysis results are received via email. Learn also about dry blood gadgets suitable for home-use at Devices page


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